tumblrs so fucking good about deleting blogs that carefully warning tag their gore things, and make sure their shit is flagged nsfw, but if you report a blog for spamming gore into a different tag for shock value, they don’t so anything at all ever so that’s Awesome.





i dont need a boyfriend i need 12 million dollars and a donut 

12 million dollars can be used to obtain many donuts.

explain how

money can be exchanged for goods and services

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ive seen this bus only twice in the past 4 years ive lived here and it pisses me off so bad its like a meme on wheels, what is its purpose  


if you watch game of thrones, a show full of murderers, rapists, people who flay others alive, stab pregnant women in the stomach, murderer people at weddings, kill family members, zombies, a guy who bashes babies skulls on walls and rapes their mother etc etc

and the character you hate the most is a teenage girl, who has lost her entire family and is living in a city where she cant trust a single person because they either want to fuck her or use her for their own political gain, then you need some serious help, like call a doctor now


If you’ve ever wondered how big Gengars are, here is your answer. 

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How to turn a guy on

Start kissing his chest
"I don't usually do this but, uh"
Lay down a beat
"Go head on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix"
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abel gideon is into autovore he’s into the weird shit u kno he and hannibal had some heavy conversations while eating his OWN LEG

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